Success at “Dry Fork”

Success at “Dry Fork”

Success at “Dry Fork” with 15,000 microvel® filter bags from GUTSCHE

If a coal-fired power plant like the “Dry Fork” plant in Wyoming has to operate for 3 years with no shutdown, then each production step has to be perfected to the smallest detail. Wyoming is located in the western United States and is characterized by extreme weather conditions with a day time temperature range of 30 degrees between summer and winter. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reliable power supply without incident for the maintenance of daily life. The power plant can produce electricity for up to 2.8 million customers and can supply more than 300,000 households.


Air pollution control is a high priority in modern power plants, as is the demand on filter media. We at GUTSCHE have accepted this challenge and have developed microvel® filter media which is able to meet these requirements. With extremely low pressure drop and low particulate emissions, GUTSCHE microvel® meets new requirements for process conditions. Advantages such as a lower compressed air consumption and longer cleaning intervals provides an essential basis for the longest possible maintenance and fault-free plant operation. We, GUTSCHE, are pleased that “Dry Fork” can rely on our product.


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